Restricted Custody Center Programs

Restricted Custody Center Programs

It is the goal of the Graves County Restricted Custody Center to support a successful transition to the community. One of the ways we work to achieve this is by offering DOC approved programs which increase our residents chance of success.

GED –  This course is to prepare the resident to take the GED exam.

MRT Anger Management – This Cognitive-Behavioral program is designed to assist offenders in recognizing and overcoming anger.

MRT Parenting – This program focuses on family values.

MRT Staying Quit – This program is designed to assist with relapse prevention by helping offenders to recognize risky situations, cravings, and triggers.

MRT Thinking for Change – This Cognitive Behavioral program was developed to confront Anti-Social and Criminal Thinking errors.

Portals/New Directions – This Life Skills program is designed to provide information and resources to address the most common reentry needs and barriers.