Inmate Information

Inmate Money

No inmate is permitted to keep in his/her possession any money, checks, money orders, or any other legal tender. All money will be receipted and deposited in an account upon entry into the facility.

Family and friends may send money to any inmate only in the form of a money order through the mail. All acceptable money orders must be printed with the inmate’s name as indicated on the inmate’s I.D., and the complete name and mailing address of the person sending the money. Family and friends may also deposit money into an inmate’s account. If money is dropped off during the designated time it needs to be in form of cash.

NO personal checks will be accepted.
A check will be written to the inmate for any money remaining in the inmate’s account less what he/she owes for expenses incurred during his/her stay upon release.


Inmates are allowed to order commissary items once a week, using the commissary network. Money can be put on an inmates account any day of the week. There is a kiosk located in the lobby of the Jail. You can also add money using anytime.

Inmate Property

All inmate property is kept in a secure location while the inmate is being held in the facility. Once an inmate is released, his/her property is returned. If an inmate is transferred to another facility, the property is transferred as well. Property can not be released to anyone other than the inmate.


The use of the telephone is a privilege. Inmates are allowed to use the telephone to notify family members, attorney and/or to arrange for bond.

Each housing area has a phone for inmates to make calls. Fraudulent calls will result in termination of inmate telephone privileges. Inmates who make obscene, threatening, or harassing telephone calls, or damage telephone equipment, will lose their telephone privileges and will be criminally prosecuted.

SECURUS TECHNOLOGIES is the phone provider for the Jail and Detention Center.

For information on how an inmate can place a phone call to you or how to put money onto an inmates account, please call the company at 1-800-844-6591.

Inmate Mail

Inmates may write and receive unlimited correspondence. Incoming mail must have the inmate’s name above or below the mailing address and must have a complete return address including the full name of the sender. Postage paid envelopes and writing paper are available in the commissary for purchase by inmates.


Paperback books for inmates to read are provided in the Jail Library. The library is also used for church services, mental health counseling, and GED, AA and NA classes.


The jail provides three meals daily for its inmates with a menu certified by a licensed dietician.


All inmates clothing is washed and exchanged twice weekly. All inmates wear jail issued clothing.