Restricted Custody Center

The Graves County Restricted Custody Center is a Community Service Work Program that houses both Class D and Class C inmates. The inmate work release programs allow the offenders to develop a valuable work ethic while also providing useful, cost saving services to the community.

All inmates are required to have a High School Diploma or must attend GED classes in order to help them obtain employment after their release from custody. Inmates are taught both social as well as vocational skills while incarcerated at the R.C. Center. The inmate worker release program builds the skills and mentality needed for offenders to become productive members of society. The staff strives to help all inmates become productive citizens in the community.

Those in our care can take advantage of a host of programming aimed at changing their behavior and to make our communities safer once the offender is released. GED, Alcohol & Drug classes as well as Life Skills Programs such as basic Computer and Anger Management classes are offered to the inmates. These programs consistently show to be among the best in changing offender’s behaviors.

The Graves County Restricted Custody Center