Inmate Programs

Inmate Programs

Classes are provided with the intention of positively influencing inmates to carry on a non-criminal lifestyle upon release to the street.

The Graves County Jail is constantly trying to implement new programs for the inmates to improve the environment at The Graves County Jail and The Restricted Custody Center.

Religious Services: Services are offered weekly to every inmate. Bible study is held on Fridays by area churches.

GED: Is an all-inclusive class that allows for pre-testing to establish areas, which require improvement. Study group classes to help individuals prepare and improve and final testing that allows individuals to obtain their GED certificate from the state.
These classes are available to all state inmates and qualified county inmates.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous: Consists of lectures, study groups and discussion based on the programs of AA and NA. NA is a 12 step program that helps individuals understand and maximize the teachings given by Narcotics Anonymous.

Trustee Program

The Trustee Program is a structured program within the facility where inmates have the opportunity to work within the facilities for compensation.

A voluntary program, candidates are canvassed to determine those who want to perform duties and are selected based on their:

  • Classification status
  • Behavioral history
  • Criminal history ((evidence of violence will eliminate an inmate from the selection process)
  • Mental and medical health

After the selection process is completed, inmates are then assigned to various duties and areas of the facility.