Sergeant Jacob Mason & K-9 Murphy

K-9 Murphy is a single purpose narcotics detection dog. Murphy is trained and certified to detect the odors of Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Cocaine, and MDMA. Sergeant Mason and K-9 Murphy conduct sweeps of both facilities and are utilized by the Graves County Sheriff’s Office and Kentucky State Police to assist them in their war on drugs. Sergeant Mason is a certified K-9 handler and is a second generation handler following in his fathers footsteps, Sergeant Dale Mason who served as the K-9 handler for Graves County Sheriff’s Office from 1998-2004.

Sergeant Derek Ellis & K-9 Strong

K-9 Strong is a dual purpose canine trained to detect the odors of Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin, and Marijuana. K-9 Strong is also trained in tracking. He can effectively locate those individual who run for law enforcement or missing persons and children. Sergeant Ellis and K-9 Strong are the newest addition to the Graves County Jail. Sergeant Ellis using his G.I. Bill from his time in the United States Marine Corps funded this team in its entirety.

In Memoriam

K-9 Ranger

EOW – March 8th, 2021

K-9 Ranger was the first K-9 to be employed by the Graves County Jail under the administration of Jailer Workman, and the second ever K-9 for the Graves County Jail. K-9 Ranger was a dual purpose narcotics detection dog as well as an apprehension dog. K-9 Ranger was owned and handled by Sergeant Jacob Mason for his entire career. Prior to coming to Graves County Jail, K-9 Ranger & Sergeant Mason served with the Ballard County Sheriff’s Office. Ranger was a fierce looking dog with the heart of a teddy bear, he most enjoyed playing with Sergeant Mason’s daughter, and getting attention from all the staff at the jail.